FUSION is our brand new Thursday night entertainment at The Cellar Bar, providing a mixture of karaoke, bandeoke and open mic. You can perform as a traditional karaoke singer with backing tracks and words on the screen, or you can mix it up and perform as the front person to our in house band - band-eoke!

By fusing these together into one event you literally get the best of all worlds. The convenience of having the words on the screen in front of you. The excitement of performing with a live band. This, combined with our house band's unique ability to jam to pretty much any song means you're not limited to a small choice of songs!! The only limit is your imagination!!

Every Thursday from 6pm until late!

What is Bandeoke?

Bandeoke was founded in the US in the 90’s as a new genre of karaoke, also known as rockaoke, it is essentially karaoke with a live band.

There are numerous bandeoke nights up and down the UK, but we take it one step further by fusing karaoke with bandeoke, so you get the benefit of a live band with the ease of having the words on a screen in front of you.